Hi, I’m Mitch, the brains behind FinePointCGI, a platform born out of my passion to empower artists and developers to create astounding games. A 32-year-old Detroit, Michigan native, I discovered the magic of Godot in 2018. Today, I dive into it daily, crafting tutorials and initiating small projects to inspire and guide like-minded enthusiasts.


With three impactful years in the gaming industry under my belt, I can testify to its challenges. Juggling work-life balance and battling the pressures of relentless deadlines were aspects I grappled with, eventually leading me to seek a fresh start. Currently, I channel my skills into being a Configuration Manager for a medium-sized defense contractor. Here, I enjoy an improved work-life equilibrium and love the camaraderie of my exceptional colleagues.


My ambition doesn’t stop there. I envision expanding the FinePointCGI community, journeying together with you, fellow creators, as we harness the power of Godot and other opensource software to its fullest potential. Together, let’s craft the finest games the world has ever seen!